Hen Houses

Solway Recycling manufactures a wide variety of products made from 100% recycled waste agricultural plastics.

Recycled plastic is virtually rot proof and suitable to all weather conditions, meaning it wont require any treatment unlike traditional wooden products. The Solway Eco Hen Houses will still be standing in 30 years time!

The recycled plastic used in the Eco Hen Houses will help prevent the build up of red mite, which is a problem if you are housing a number of birds together. While we cannot guarantee red mite will not find a home on your hen house, the plastic does not allow red mites to penetrate unlike wood.

Eco Hen Loft

A great starter coop ideal for housing 3 larger hens or 4 small bantams.

£285.86 (inc. VAT)

Maxi Hen Loft

Medium sized loft coop for up to 4 large hens or 6 bantams.

£328.91 (inc. VAT)

Smart Hen House

The smart hen house is suitable for between 8-12 hens or 8-14 bantams.

£518.96 (inc. VAT)

All hen houses are fitted with internal perches, external nest boxes and adjustable legs to suit your hens.

They are available in Red, Green, Black and Grey.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the hen houses – we are more than happy to help find the most suitable house for you and your hens.