Recycled Solway Hen Houses at Hansnett Hens and Houses...

Solway Recycling manufactures a wide variety of products made from 100% recycled waste agricultural plastics. Many recycled products go back onto the farms from which waste products have been collected, creating a closed loop both ecologically & physically. A number of Solway's products have won awards and have numerous recommendations from farmers and customers alike. No weather treatment is required for 100% recycled plastic hen houses, easily cleaned with domestic detergent to keep unwanted bacteria at bay.

Available in a choice of four colours red, green, grey or black.

Standard Hen House

4ft x 2.5ft suitable for 6 large fowl.

Standard Hen house - 290.00

Deluxe Hen House with Run - 372.00

Run Extension Kit - 35.06

Hen Ark

4ft x 5ft suitable for 8 to 10 large fowl.

Hen Ark - 403.20

Deluxe Hen Ark with Run - 483.84

Run Extension Kit - 38.34

Solway Mini Hen Coop

3ft 4 x 3ft starter home for 2 to 5 hens.

Mini Hen Coop - 190.00

10ft square run for mini range - 162.00

Solway Eco Hen Loft

Height Adjustable. Approx 3ft 4' x 3ft (approx 2ft wide without nestbox)

Eco Hen Loft - 199.92

Solway Smart Hen House

Suitable for 8-12 hens or 8-14 bantams. 4 nesting boxes

Solway Smart Hen House - 349.00

Maxi Hen Loft

The larger version of the value mini hen loft with larger floor space for up to 4 large laying hens or 6 bantams

Solway Maxi Hen Loft - 240.00