Large Fowl at Hansnett Hens and Houses...

French Marans

The French Maran was one of the last breeds to be introduced to the UK. Taking its name from the Northern French fishing village, the French Maran breed lays the most beautiful dark brown eggs that taste lovely. They are not noisy birds and have a gentle and placid temperament. The colours we breed at Hansnett Farm are:

Cream Legbars

The Cream Legbar is a crested chicken, which is a true auto sexing breed, which means they can be sexed at the moment of hatching from the colour of their down. It is not possible to do this as easily with other breeds. Developed as a breed in the 1930ís, the hens lay beautiful blue eggs. The plumage is extremely attractive and the birds look wonderful wandering around your garden or on your farm. The cockerels are showy birds that are sprightly and alert whilst the females are smaller, but with similar characteristics. The hens can lay 180+ eggs per year.


The Welsummer is named after the village of Wesum in Holland. Welsummers were introduced into the UK from Holland in the 1920ís and lay lovely, large, dark brown eggs The hens are exceptionally pretty with red, orange and brown plumage and the cockerels are handsome, upright, alert and active. Welsummers are docile in temperament, are easy to keep and make ideal garden chickens that become friendly very quickly.