Chicken Boarding at Hansnett Hens and Houses...

There may be times when you need someone to look after your chickens - if youíre going on holiday, perhaps. Itís a big headache to find someone who is willing to come to your home every day, commit to feeding and watering your chickens and cleaning them out regularly, whilst also worrying about security and safety. The easiest, convenient and most effective way is to let Hansnett Farm look after your chickens for you with our special Chicken Boarding service:

Your hens will be boarded, here at Hansnett Farm, in an Eco Hen House, which has been pressure washed and disinfected after every use.

Our rates are per pen NOT per bird (up to 6 birds per pen).

For £5.00 per night your chickens will enjoy:

We will also keep your eggs for you, should you wish