Bantams at Hansnett Hens and Houses...

Pekin Bantams

The Pekin is a very gentle bird, laying small eggs regularly. The fact they are good broody’s makes them excellent mums and, because they tend not to scratch around in flower bed are ideal birds to keep in an urban garden. Pekin Bantams make ideal pets for children, they are so easy to handle. My children just love them.

The colours we breed at Hansnett Farm are:

Wyandotte Bantams

The Wyandotte Bantams originated in the USA. A very pretty bird, the Wyandotte is a docile breed that is active and alert. The hens are incredibly friendly and utter soft clucks on a regular basis. They are also, graceful with short, deep bodies and full, round breasts. Wyandottes are suited to either free-range living or confinement in a run, producing around 200 pale brown eggs a year. They are also easy to maintain which makes them a particular favourite with beginners.

The colours we breed at Hansnett Farm are: